I Am an OFW – A Financially Intelligent One

I Am an OFW – A Financially Intelligent One

I am an OFW and consider myself as financially intelligent. My goal is to attain a certain phase of my life where I can live comfortably without the need to work abroad away from my family and let my money work for me. I use three main assets to be successful in achieving financial freedom – Knowledge, Money and Time.

Time is a resource that can never be replenished, taken back or paused. Money can affect relationships, your way of living, feelings, quality of life and etc. It is a renewable resource – something you can lose and get back. Knowledge is used, reused and recycled. It is widely available at any medium at any given time. Using all three resources wisely and with care makes my future a brighter one.

How do I utilize these three resources?

I set goals and use my money on things that will make money for me in return. I save first before I spend. I refrain from reckless spending and do not indulge in goods that do not offer returns. I use my money in saving and investing because I know I will benefit from this greatly in the future. I would rather save and invest my money rather than indulge in temporary happiness. I treat saving and investing as part of my expenses and maintain consistency when it comes to both.

I don’t waste my time in social medias because I want to focus in investing my time towards something productive. Social Media is already a part of our everyday life but I never let myself get sucked up to it or waste too much of my valuable time on it unless I can learn a valuable lesson through it. I only use it to follow successful people with the same interests as mine which is building wealth and those who share positivity and wisdom.

I invest my time making relationships with people who have a rich and successful mindset. I always find inspiration among successful investors and try to learn something from their experiences. Building great relationships with people who have the same interests as mine and those who have positive mindset is always a healthy habit.

I invest my time in reading and studying webpages about investing in the stock market niche. I know and understand that learning is a never-ending process. I never stop educating myself as there will always be new knowledge available for me to read and study. I want to always be up to date on the latest tips and tricks so I can make better decisions in the future.

I invest my time in viewing and studying YouTube videos about investing in the stock market rather than waste my time in watching TV or playing video games. Knowledge cannot only be found in books or written materials, but visual aids as well.

I use and invest my time in getting things done rather than procrastinating. I find satisfaction in accomplishing tasks the soonest time possible. Notice how most includes investing in time? The reason is because time is limited. Knowledge is readily available while money can be replenished. By making use of my time wisely and using available knowledge in building wealth, I am confident that I am able to retire comfortably and all hard work will surely pay off.

Compelling Reasons Why OFWs should invest in Real Estate

4 Compelling Reasons Why OFWs should invest in Real Estate

OFWs truly are heroes in disguise. You sacrifice so much by taking advantage of the great opportunity to work abroad just to provide a better future for your family. Make sure that sacrifices made will not go to waste. Investing is the best way to ensure this, and the best investment option for OFWs is in the real estate.

These are the Reasons Why OFWs Should Invest in Real Estate.

1. Investing in a real estate will give you inspiration and something to look forward to.

Buying a property will give you the inspiration to focus on working harder in order to pursue your goal – which is, in this case, acquiring the property. OFWs will get to have something to look forward to after years of working abroad.
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What It Takes for OFWs To Return Home for Good

Balikbayan For Good?

What It Takes for OFWs To Return Home for Good

Everyone wants to live a good life in their own country but because of certain reasons, some Filipinos resort in applying and working overseas. High unemployment rate, discrimination when it comes to local job application and low salary offered by local companies are some of the reasons why we have a high rate OFWs.

Despite the number of OFWs working abroad and receiving high amount of salaries, only a handful are able to retire early and comfortably. Most are either in debt, are not able to save for retirement, are not able buy a property or own a business to sustain their needs no matter how long they stay abroad. So, what does it take for an OFW to go home for good? Continue reading “What It Takes for OFWs To Return Home for Good”

Becoming an Intelligent OFW is the Best Thing You Can Do

Becoming an Intelligent OFW is the Best Thing You Can Do

As an Overseas Filipino Worker, it is pretty important that you become such a role model for other people to emulate. You have to become a person who would be looked up to because your example would be followed, your action would be emulated by people who wish to have a better life. The moment you decide to bring your talents overseas, you become a person who is looked up to in the community, so there is an immediate pressure on your part to deliver and become a successful person.
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