Ten Resolutions Every Trader Should Make Every Day

Ten Resolutions Every Trader Should Make Every Day

As we embark on the New Year, it’s the high time for traders to reflecting on their previous performances. You may not have achieved your trading goals but the New Year gives you another chance to roll out new strategies and plans for successful trading.

1. Stick to a trading plan

A trading plan defines what you should do, when, why and how to do it. It covers your motivations behind trading, time commitment, the markets you want to trade, strategies and trading goals. Following the rules defined in your plan gives you discipline and further protects you from losses that result from making emotional decisions.

2. Use the 1% rule in a single trade

Under the rule, you should never risk to more than 1% of your account value on a single trade in order. Furthermore, implementing stop losses certainly helps you to evade huge losses. It sets the maximum loss that you can get from a single trade. Setting a stop loss allows you to determine the position size which is aligned with the size of your account. The position size defines the number of shares you take or the number of lots you trade in a forex market.

3. Never risk more than 6% of your account capital

In order to prevent drowning of your trading capital, always take precaution when making risks in forex trading. Risking too much of your capital can have devastating effects on your account and trading as a whole. Since the market is highly volatile with unexpected changes, ensure that 6% of your capital does not go into risks. This goes a long way in protecting your trading account.

4. Use a high probability trading strategy

This is a key new year’s resolution for traders. High probability trading is trading only where there is a very high chance of making maximum profits. High probability setups have larger time frames and support and resistance levels. The strategy enables you to acquire necessary virtues like patience and discipline which are necessary for success in trading. This is because trade setups take long to form but can give you a reap of profits if you jump in at the right time.

5. Never cease learning

Always take your daily trading experience as a lecturer hall from which you learn something different. It takes years for investors to sharpen their skills. Therefore, just know that the skills and methods you have in mind are not enough to bring out the best experience and profits for you. Other than using your own trading experience, you can also get learn from a mentor or reading articles, journals, and books about trading.

6. Have a trailing stop plan

Having a trailing stop plan leaves guesswork and emotions out of trading and gives you a concrete plan through which you can make maximum profits from any trade. Simply put, the stop plan calculates mathematically where to sell to gain maximize profits or reduce losses. It protects you from devastating losses by setting the price at which to sell in case the stock prices reduce. It also prevents you from holding on for too long in case a nosedive happens after a spike. This helps you to lock maximum profit.

7. Stick to one method of trading

This can’t be stressed enough. Jumping from one style of trading to another leaves you confused and unable to decide which method works for you. This could explain your struggle in reaping profits in the money market. Every style has its share of losses and hardships. Therefore, focusing on one through thick and thin will help you master its strategies.

8. Never predict the market

Stock trading is a hugely volatile venture. Anything can happen at any time. Therefore, any attempt to predict how the market or individual stock will move should be sincerely discouraged. That said, I strongly recommend you take hold of things you can control and follow what the market says. As an investor, you can only control what you buy, how much of it and at what price to buy it.

9. Trade in the overall direction of the trend

Things do change quickly in the stock market. A spike can suddenly be followed by a nose-dive. Therefore, it will require you to check for the general direction in which the market is headed to. This will prevent you from making a hasty decision which can make you miss a chance to make a huge profit. Visual observation is the key since it gives you a clear picture of the highs and lows.

10. Never give up

Giving up is the worst mistake you can make in the stock market. Maybe you have been trading for weeks or months and have not achieved the results you expected. It’s not the time to surrender. Simply give yourself some time to reflect on your mistakes while owning your results. Write down the reasons you are into trading and aim at correcting your mistakes. This will energize you for a comeback.

Taking the above New Year’s resolution for traders will certainly help you get the best trading experience.

Ten Things You Must Do and Become an Achiever in 2019

Ten Things You Must Do and Become an Achiever in 2019

If you’ve been setting goals at the beginning of every year but haven’t seen much change, take a closer look. Perhaps there’s something you’ve been leaving out. When you set your goals for the year make sure you implement them according to your plan. This article will offer you some of the best things you can include in your 2019 goals. It can lead you to success and more happiness.

1. Read More

Surprising, isn’t it? Well, it shouldn’t surprise you. As food is for the health of your physical body, books are for your mind’s health. Reading many books increases your knowledge and makes your mind very active. An active mind is a powerful tool for solving problems and achieving ultimate success.

Your number one goal for 2019 should therefore be to read more books. There’s no limit to what you can lay your hands on to read. Read books on finance, health, investment, business news, sports news or even a novel, anything of interest to you. Cultivate a healthy reading culture in your life and you won’t regret.

2. Learn a New Skill

Among the best things to do in 2019 you should consider is learning a new skill. Improving your personal life involves acquiring new skills that can also compliment you professionally. They can also help you in home improvement.

Skills like playing the guitar may come in handy in relieving stress and boosting happiness. Basic woodwork skills, home cleaning and repairs, photography, Photoshop, and cooking are very useful skills you can learn. You not only save money when you acquire these skills but also lead to personal or professional life improvement.

Learning some of these skills may only require you to commit just one hour per day. The results will be amazing. Learn tips on gardening and get knowledge on growing vegetables and flowers. Growing your own veggies puts you in control of the quality of the food you eat.

3. Invest in the Stock Market

Investing in stocks can be risky if you don’t do proper market analysis. But it’s also highly rewarding than keeping your money in the bank. Due to inflation, money kept in the bank reduces in value. With in-depth research you’ll get insight on the stock market. Buying shares of financially sound companies can earn you good returns.

Your first step will be to register an account with a licensed stock market broker. Invest part of your savings in the stock market and watch your money grow. Your goal here is to save money and invest wisely. Treasury bonds and securities offer guaranteed returns on investment.

4. Discover Sources of Passive Income

Passive income holds the key to financial stability. It’s this income that you can use to acquire more assets and get out of debts. It’s advisable to invest your money in ventures that will earn you passive income for a long time. It can be a side hustle, a small business, or real estate.

You should find suitable sources of passive income and invest in them. If you’re interested in writing a book or have a music talent, try it out. You’ll benefit from royalties.

5. Reconnect with Old Friends

Create and build a wide network of friends. Aim at maintaining working friendships. Go back in time and reconnect with your old friends. Old friendships have gone through many tested ways and proved valuable. You should never leave such friends who have stood by you during your time of need. Organize social functions to strengthen friendship with your old friends and show honest appreciation.

6. Scrapbook Your Dream

The best way to capture and represent your dreams is to visualize it in form a scrapbook. Whatever your dreams are, a house, a car, marital goals or business picture it in scrapbook. Get printouts, newspaper cuttings, and images featuring similar ideas as your dreams and stick them on the scrapbook.

It’s not enough to just scrapbook your dreams but include steps you’ll take to make them come true. Make it your habit to regularly review your progress in achieving the dreams. Add more details as you get more visions. Tick out those which you’ve achieved.

7. Spend Time with Optimistic People

Surround yourself with friends who have a positive attitude in life. They’ll build and encourage you towards your goals. Optimistic minds tend to see opportunities for progress even in the most challenging circumstances.

Spend more time with people who are hopeful. Shun pessimistic people at all costs because they having nothing good to offer.

8. Travel and Explore the World

Working towards the fulfillment of your dreams can be very involving, no doubt. You need to schedule and plan for a time off the tight program to relax. Take a vacation to an exciting destination.

Traveling helps calm down your mind and overall relaxation of the body. Explore the world around you and beyond. It’s the best way to regenerate your energy and enthusiasm.

9. Become a Cheerful Giver

True giving is an attitude of a grateful heart and soul. Share even the small things. Smile sincerely when you give and you’ll be so blessed as a result.

10. Be an Inspiration for Others

You are child of God. You are a gift to this world. Inspire the people around you and be a community changer.

Every day is a gift. Appreciate the value of every second.

In this new year, apply what you’ve learned from this post and surely you can become an achiever of life. God bless you always.

10 Things to Quit and Achieve Happiness in 2019

10 Things to Quit and Achieve Happiness in 2019

You may have set your goals and tried your best to achieve them but somehow everything didn’t go as planned. There’s still hope for success and happiness in your life. Probably there are certain things holding you back. In this article you’ll learn some of the things that you should tame in life to be happy. Apply this and you’ll see a positive change in your life.

Here are the ten things to quit in 2019:

1. Thinking you’ve no purpose in life

Everyone in the world is unique and each one of us has a specific purpose to fulfill in life. If you can identify your life’s work and do it, you’ll gain happiness from it. Search deep inside you and you’ll discover your true calling or purpose.

And it’s never too late to do your purpose in life. Some people discover their mission earlier than others and that’s normal.

So never think that you’ve no purpose in life. Quit this kind of thinking and start finding your life’s purpose. It could be in the form of a talent you have, a hobby, or a dream hidden somewhere in the corner of your life. If you apply your mind to search for it, you’ll find it. The key to success and happiness lies in discovering your purpose not avoiding it.

2. Thinking you’re not good enough

Accepting yourself the way you are is a major step towards happiness. There are things you can’t change in your life. Work on what you can change instead and accept the ones you can’t.

Whatever you have is enough to accomplish your mission in life. You should believe in yourself. No man ever achieved anything great without believing in oneself. Cultivate a positive attitude in life; one that always says ” I’m the best.” You’re good enough to live and enjoy your life to the fullest.

3. Sacrificing your happiness for others

Your happiness is your sole responsibility. When you worry about others in things you can’t help, your happiness will fade away. You can only help others when you’re happy yourself. So start by cultivating your sources of happiness and guarding them at all costs. You can share your happiness with others only if you have it. Teach other people how to cultivate their own happiness.

4. Trying to please everyone

If there’s one thing you can’t win, it’s trying to please everybody. Deliberately do something good today and watch people’s reactions to it. Not all of them will approve of the good you do. Even your friends may become envious or jealous of who you are or what you do.

Your aim should be to derive happiness and achieve success in whatever you do – never to please everyone. It’s normal for people to have different opinions about anything. However, their opinions shouldn’t affect your mission.

5. Being afraid to be different

Express your uniqueness by thinking and acting differently. It’s your right to choose to be different. This helps you make independent decisions that can improve the quality of your life. Don’t be afraid of what others will think of you when you act differently. It’s their problem, not yours. Do things your own way and you’ll appreciate the decision some day.

6. Fearing Change

Change is part of nature. Accepting change in your life is important. Change in technology, changing work environment are irresistible. You need to continuously adjust and train yourself to adopt changes.

Actually, change can bring you good tides in life if you position yourself well to sail with it. If you fear change you won’t be happy in life.

7. Living in the past

“What lies behind you pales in comparison to what lies ahead of you”, Zig Zigglar. Among the list of top things to quit in 2019 is living in the past. The victory you won in the past can give you a good feeling but it may never be of much use in your present situation. Your past failures in your relationships or businesses shouldn’t hold you down. Get up and live in the present.

Learn from the past and plan for the future. Don’t cloud your memory with your past; it’s gone and it belongs in the past. Too much worry about the past only prepares you for another failure.

8. Overthinking

Thinking too much about your life or the future isn’t good. If you engage in too much thought probably you’ll never enjoy the present moment. People waste a lot of valuable time thinking about the past and the future, in the process fail to realize good things in the present. Overthinking leads to fatigue and worry. It’ll also affect the quality of your sleep. Happiness in life is a result of the simple things you can think of. Think big but don’t overwork your mind with a lot of thinking.

9. Holding grudges

If someone wrongs you, the best remedy is to forgive – however hard it might seem. When you forgive them, you’re relieved from the burden of holding on to the pain caused. It’s true that forgiveness doesn’t reverse the harm caused but it does take away grudges that can be self-destructive. Stop holding grudges as it’ll ruin your happiness.

Work on amicable resolution of problems through understanding and holding negotiations.

10. Procrastination

Procrastination is the number one killer of dreams. If there’s the best time to do something good, it’s now, not later or tomorrow. Delay in doing what you should do now will delay the accomplishment of your mission. You may even never accomplish anything of worth if procrastination gets the better of your habit. It leads to laziness and wastage of time.

Don’t put off doing anything to a later time or date. Act now and be done with it. If you work on your plans immediately, you’ll benefit from the energy and enthusiasm you’ve now. Postponing work results in lose of morale and the urge to continue. When you decide to do something, do it without delay.

How to Overcome FOMO and Anxiety while Trading in the Stock Market

How to Overcome FOMO and Anxiety while Trading in the Stock Market

The fear of missing out, FOMO, is the kind of fear usually experienced by traders when they enter a trade out of fear of missing on the lucrative potential rewards.

FOMO is a serious defeat among traders which results in a significant amount of capital losses.

It can be best described by a trader making an impatient trading decision without having a second thought.

What are the causes of FOMO?

Lack of a trading plan

One of the causes of fomo is poor routine and strategy. Failure to plan for the next trading action definitely signals the beginning of your failure.

Lack of Confidence and Overconfidence

A trader can be overconfident after coming from a winning streak. A losing streak can also reduce the self-belief in a trader resulting to lack of confidence.

Confidence level tends to raise the urge for gratification. When you are winning you will have the anxiety to keep up the good trades and when you are losing you will want to go up there even without a concrete plan and strategy.

High Expectations

Setting the bar too high might be a major loss

When you have a monetary target and you see it as you are losing out on the time frame, fomo will definitely factor in. You will start taking high risk trades which sometimes will be unplanned.

Short term decisions over long term plans

Having many short term targets will lead you in trying to force things into place.

How to avoid fomo?

Develop your trading plan and strategy

Having a defined system will help you maintain personal discipline. You will know when to enter a trade and when to make a profitable exit. When you logically follow your plan and apply it correctly, surely you will experience unmatched consistency on your trading transactions.

Accept and understand your limitations

You need to understand that you are not the only player in the stock market. You will get some trade that others miss. Other traders entered into a trade that you miss. When you come to terms with this fact you will stop that obsession with what other traders do. Rather you will be taking time to learn on the next big trade that suits your strategies.

Understand your system and targets

You MUST logically understand what your system or strategy does. If you deeply comprehend your strategy, you can easily explain this system when someone asks you to elaborate it.

Enroll in a trading course

Doing your own research and watching ten videos in YouTube won’t transform you into a better trader. When you’re just a newcomer in the stock market, due diligence is not enough, you need to interact with other traders who have numerous experiences and are experts in the stock market. They can give you their time-tested experiences and know-how and the ins and outs of the stock market. Most of all, you can learn from their errors and failures. You will not get these lessons from your own inquiry and research.

As a trader in the stock market, to avoid the damaging effects of that fear of missing out, education, trading plan, discipline, risk-management and emotional management can and will surely lead you to your journey of profitable trading.

10 Tips on Attitudes Required for Successful Stock Market Trading

10 Tips on Attitudes Required for Successful Stock Market Trading

Attitude is all that makes you a successful trader. You should always have a positive attitude to book profits and win a trade. Whenever you start investing, there will be instances draining out the confidence in you. Once you have fixed the goals, your self-confidence will steer you before you make a few hundreds and thousands of dollars. The other trait that will help you to be a successful trader is discipline. Disciplined traders realize whenever they go out of track and learn from the mistakes and wait for opportunities to trade huge profits. These short-term losses don’t affect successful traders as they know these are temporary roadblocks and if they play the market carefully, they will earn a lot of money!

A successful trader focuses on booking huge profits instead of small quick profits. Disciplined traders make technical analysis and make a perfect profit plan to make large moves that will fetch sweeping profits. For this, you have to successfully position yourself and take a big leap to book huge profits. Even though, making a lot of small moves will add up to bigger profits, staying in the market for long to book a fewer but larger profit perfectly makes sense. You can do this by applying stop loss to cut an immediate loss and wait till the market revives. This way you can earn a lot of bucks and protect your capital at the same time.

To be successful in the market, you have to put your heart and soul into your trading goals. For this, you should have to take a look at your past actions and plan future trading moves. Examine each and every single trade you made from the start of the year, till now. This will help you figure out what are the trading patterns that backfired. You can change your trading behavior to improve trading profits. Tweak your trading pattern according to the failures you met while trading. This will help you focus on your profit-making goals and improve your chance of making killer trades.

Whenever you make losses, don’t get upset. Acquire skills that are required to help you win a trade. Be determined and fearless. Have a positive attitude in mind. You have to do an extensive research and collect every minute information about the stock market to book huge profits. There will be doldrums in the trade market which you have to visualize and play carefully. You should have confidence in your knowledge and the trading plan to be successful in this market.

Experience coupled with extensive knowledge can help you earn a windfall in the market. Even if you are a seasoned trader, continue being a student of the trade market. Update information about the market on a daily basis. You have to plan your strategy based on knowledge. So, be thorough with the concepts and theories of the stock market. Understand how to read economic reports to keep track of the market trends. The knowledge earned by reading a handful of books will help you develop a positive trading psychology that will take to the profit goals.

Having a positive mental and psychological attitude towards the market will make you a successful trader. You should remain focused on the goals and study the market carefully to book huge profits.

Your Stock Watch List is Your Secret to Your Trading Success

Your Stock Watch List is Your Secret to Your Trading Success

All traders have a watch-list. This is an important list or record of stocks that you have carefully organized to trade.

Yes, creating a watch list is not an easy rask when you are just a newcomer in the stock market.

Building a watch list is a very essential skill for a trader to master.

Without it, you are likened to a blind man walking along the street without a cane.

Your watch list is your secret to your trading profits and success.

10 Essential Tips for Newbie Traders in the Stock Market

10 Essential Tips for Newbie Traders in the Stock Market

10 Essential Tips for Newbie Traders in the Stock Market

Are you a newbie trader in the stock market?

If yes, please please please!!! Study first. Learn first the process.

Baka naFOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) ka lang sa mga posts sa social media.

Huwag kang maFOMO. Huwag kang magpapadala sa emotion mo.

Huwag kang madadala sa hype sa FB, at sa social media.

Huwag kang magiging greedy sa mga “To The Moon” na posts.

YES, you can earn money online by trading in the stock market.

But it’s not that easy as it sounds.

Learning muna bago ang earning.

How to become a profitable trader?

Please read the post below and imprint them in your heart and mind what you will learn after reading.

10 essential tips for newbie traders in the stock market

First Tip: Develop the Habit of Reading

Read habitually: always look out for books, articles, business dailies, and magazines about stocks and stock trading. Set definite reading times especially when the trading hour is not so volatile so that you can concentrate. Keep a list of books you intend to read and keep track of what you read.

Second Tip: Develop the Habit of Taking Notes

Always take notes: Have a small notebook where you record ideas and observations that you make about stock trading and those that others share with you. Read your notes at the end of the day or during the weekend.

A Trading Diary is Key.

A trading diary or a trading journal is indispensable for all traders – new traders and professional traders alike.

On your journal, you can record all your trading rules, styles and strategies that will assist you to cut short when the market goes against your plan.

Record your entry plan, target profit plan, cut loss and exit plans.

On the brighter side of it, you can write all your tactics and approaches – those strategies that work and increase your gains in your portfolio.

Bago ka magtitrade, dapat may laman na ang trading journal mo.

When the market opens, you are not only mentally ready to trade but you are also technically empowered to move here and there while trading.

During market recess time, you can take a look at it. Time to review and improve.

After the market closed, give time to review your journal and write all your mistakes and the lessons you learned from that errors.

Your trading journal is your blueprint towards becoming an educated and pro trader.

Always remember: Even though you have a detailed trading journal, you can also be wrong along the way and lose some amount of money. That’s why you have a cut loss plan and strategy.

Furthermore, you can record your watch list on it.

Third Tip: Due Diligence – EDUCATE Yourself First

Do your own investigations: Confirm every fact by studying all financial records available. Simply do not enter into a deal based on the information others have given to you without doing your own research.

Self-education is key: Always remember that no one will teach you all the secrets of successful stock trading. Learn the fundamentals and the rules that govern selling and buying as well as why financial aspects such as return on equity, sales, revenues, and profit margins matter.

Fourth Tip: You Must Learn How to Control Your Emotion

Never let emotions get the better of you: Do not get overly excited about a stock, as this will cloud your judgment and you might not notice a small, but important detail that could cost you a fortune. Learn to tame your ego by developing solid trading plans so that you do not jump into every deal that sounds good without thinking.

Fifth Tip: You Must Learn How to Control Risk

Master risk control: You need to know when to exit a losing trade before you surpass your threshold for maximum loss tolerance so that you can cut losses. Divide that threshold into small bits so that you can spread it over your trading lots. You also need to limit the trading position size for specific account sizes.

Sixth Tip: You Must Develop the Skill to Master Technical Analysis

Learn to how to analyze historical data: study and understand historical charts and data so that your trades are informed by factual data. Even if you rely on automated trading software, it is critical that you learn how to interpret the statistical trends of a stock including volume and price movement.

Seventh Tip: You Must Learn How to Set Your Cut Loss Points

Define the maximum loss you can take: This means that you calculate how much you are willing to lose before you give up on a trade. Understanding trading movements helps you in define cut loss points thereby lowering losses and keeping your investments safe.

Eight Tip: Practice Virtual Trading First

Trade virtually: to hone your stock trading skills, virtual trading is excellent because it gives you a feel of the real world through realistic market simulators. When you eventually invest in real-life, you will have mastered the ins and outs of stock trading.

Ninth Tip: Even the Pro Traders still Lose Money while Trading

Losing your money is part of stock trading: You will often win and lose some and this is just the way stock trading works. A loss does not mean that you are a poor trader; it is a lesson to learn from and not a fear to cling to forever.

Tenth Tip: Always Remember that Trading is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Kung ang goal mo sa trading ay ang maging milyonaryo agad, nagkakamali ka.

Stocks are not instant coffee solutions: Patience with your investments is perhaps one of the most important virtues you will need when it comes to stock trading. You will not get rich overnight, but you will get there if you hold on a little longer.

Aside from the 10 essential tips given, there are still more important tips to learn.

Keep reading. Keep studying.

Eleventh Tip: Protect Your Trading Account

Most people lose money trading stocks because of poor money management. To be successful, you should approach trading as a business – not as a hobby. Even the most veteran traders would agree that there is no strategy that is 100%. A general rule of thumb is to use a stop loss in every trade. Not to mention, you should accept loses when the strategy doesn’t work and move on. And when you make a profit, you should use a trailing stop. This protects your winnings by giving your account a chance to grow. Thirdly, you should never risk more than 2% of your trading capital.

Twelfth Tip: Don’t Trade with the Money You Can’t Afford to Lose

Perhaps this is the most important rule when trading in the stock market. If you are a novice trader looking for a quick way to become rich, this is not the right market for you. That said, you should not trade with your savings or borrow from family and friends. If you’re looking to set yourself in a successful trading career, you should put some money aside. Just imagine what could happen if you end up blowing your hard-earned money in a single trade. When you’re trading with your savings, chances are that you will look for a revenge trade when you make a loss.

Thirteenth Tip: You cannot Outsmart the Stock Market

Let’s cut to the chase: the market does not know you’re there. While we can make our own projections, it’s important that you admit the market is smarter than you. This means you should follow the trend instead of fighting it. According to professional traders, you should buy stocks when they are low and sell when they are high. But because human beings are irrational creatures, we often find ourselves making wrong decisions. The most profitable stock traders have one secret – market timing. If your strategy is more than 70% correct, you must stay in gear with the market.

Fourteenth Tip: Don’t Make Trading so Hard – Trade What You Can See

To become a consistently profitable trader, you must be very good at reading the price action. Before you start every trade you must ask yourself; what I’m I doing? I’m I acting emotionally? I’m I following my trading plan? All these questions will ensure every trade is justified. In the long-run, you’ll develop a refined trading perspective that will allow you spot price action setups. The markets go up and down, retrace, and correct the support levels. Buyers will always emerge on dips expecting the market to make new swing highs. True success is not instantaneous- it’s the result of consistent work.

Fifteenth Tip: There is High Risk if You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Not even the tricks for trading stock can guarantee you success. If you’re a day trader as opposed to a position trader, you need a sound and rehearsed method. You will succeed if you implement the same method over and over again. The risk comes in if you enter the market blindly. As a beginner, you should start with a practice account to polish up your skills. It’s also important that you interact with other stock traders to get valuable advice and information. Again, you must implement your risk-reward ratio to avoid the common mistake of following an ill-advised bet. It’s important that you avoid trading individual stocks that are more volatile.

Keep Learning. Master the trading process and skills.

Tomorrow the day is bright.

Your dreams will come true.

You can become financially, emotionally, and spiritually RICH.

You can become a Millionaire. You are!

The Journey of Mislatel – the Third Telco New Major Player

The Journey of Mislatel

Mislatel consortium is an organization of several business corporations composed of Mindanao Islamic Telephone Corporation, Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corporation, Udenna Corporation and the China state-owned China Telecommunications Corporation.

Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corporation and Udenna Corporation are companies owned by a Davao-based business tycoon, Dennis A. Uy.

On November 7, 2018, Mislatel participated in the bidding and came out as the provisional new major player.

The third telco will pose a better competition to both Globe Telecom and PLDT-Smart. The entry of Mislatel will soon provide a better and faster digital communications.

Dennis A. Uy

Trading and Investing in Stocks is like Planting a Tree

The stock market is a very powerful investment platform. Through it, you can be able to grow your wealth tremendously overtime. However, trading in the stock market is not a get rich scheme. The stock market is a world where only the patient investors thrive. A trade made hastily may end up taking a large chunk of your investment. Many new stock market investors come with a mindset that they can simply make an investment today and become millionaires the following week or month. This mindset, always one way or another, gets them on the wrong side of the market. Investors who gain money very quickly without a plan, education and practice are used to taking heavy risks while trading and with time the money will begin to dwindle. An investor who has mastered how to trade in the stock market gathers his money little by little and eventually increases it with time.

To be able to earn money effectively in the stock market, an investor is required to put his time and effort into a lot of reading and practice before venturing into the real stock trading. A trader must study technical analysis, risk-reward management and management of emotions. So what are all these?

Technical analysis is whereby an investor learns about the volume and price charts and also the technical indicators used in trading. It is a technique which enables the investor to predict the future movements of the stock market through the past information. They get to learn about trends, patterns and indicators such as moving averages and Bollinger bands.

Risk-reward management teaches a trader to never enter a trade blindly. It simply means knowing how much money you will gain if the trade goes your way and how much you will lose when the trade goes against you. You will be required to learn how to set a risk to reward ratio for every trade. Understanding the concept of risk and reward is very important because it will be a major determinant of your profits after a couple of trades.

Emotion management is by far one of the most important factors to put into consideration when trading stocks, yet many people take it lightly. Greed and revenge trading are what drives stock traders to financial ruin. Greed is when you hear speculations that a certain company is guaranteed to yield you some great returns in a couple of months so you blindly buy shares from the company only for them to fall. Revenge is whereby you want to get back at the stock market for losing your money in a trade. This usually ends up badly for you. Greed and revenge trading are common characteristics of investors who want to get rich quick. Trading in the stock market requires discipline.

Investors should take stock trading like planting a tree. A tree will take years to grow and fully mature but after it does you are able to enjoy the shade it provides from the scorching sun. Trading in the stock market is not a quick get rich scheme so first learn the process of stock trading and avoid the excessive buying and selling of a stock. Once you are well-versed with the techniques such as technical analysis, risk-reward management and emotions management then trading in the stock market will be much easier and with time you will get your financial rewards.